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This band was created in 2005 by two brothers, Alan (guitar, vocal) and Adrian (Drums) - influenced by the current metal scene - they composed and wrote their first songs that will leads to the release of several demos.

In 2012 : The more they grew up, the more they were mature, feeling concerned about environment issues, a 3 titles demo tape called « CYGNE » is released under the image of a black stain depicting a swan all covered with oil . Rewarded by local cultural associations for their original concept, the collected funds will be used to make their first album possible.

2014 : the group joins the ANTISTATIC studio (Mixed by David Castel – Manimal, Psykup) and they release a sequel to their demo tape "Cygne", after that, they managed to make their video-clip « MOTHER ». They are finally joigned by Arnauld (Bass) . On stage the trio plays some extremely powerful music, with maturity and boldness: heavy rhythm, imposing guitar - that can be melodious at times - and Alan's deep and powerful voice which fully takes its share.

2015 : they release their self-produced album "Cygne II", and it is a powerful come back for the band thanks to the release of their video-clip mother as well. They convey a message through this new enraged "Cygne" and the concept of the album was entirely created by the two bothers Adrian and Alan (music, lyrics and drawings). It mixes heavy music and lyrics that denounce the way of life on Earth, human behaviour and its consequences...

2016 : H-One sign with Dooweet Agency, which will help them promoting « CYGNE II »

Their aim : to defend the album "Cygne II" on stage and share it with the audience!

« Just before its death, the swan will sing louder with renewed strength! »